Responsive web design

Zander Search

Connecting people: bespoke design for a niche audience.


As a boutique recruitment company, Zander Search provides executive search and talent management for the business advisory and financial services sectors.

We were invited to create a responsive web design that would attract high-end clients and talented candidates to work with Zander Search.

Web design

By evolving Zander Search’s established brand identity, we created a responsive web design that conveys a dynamic, professional presence – to appeal to clients and candidates worldwide.

We specialise in creating bespoke designs that uniquely capture a client’s overall brand. In this case, we took inspiration from the ‘Z’ shape that was key to Zander Search’s existing visual identity.

By introducing angular shapes to our design, we created a look that sets Sander Search apart from other more ‘off-the-shelf’ recruitment sites. We combined bold angles with imagery, text and tonal areas, to create a subtle, stylish effect.

Selecting the right imagery was key. We needed to convey the high-end companies that partner with Zander to attract the most talented candidates. To achieve this, we carefully curated a selection of imagery, including stunning office architecture, dynamic surroundings and multiple locations.

Responsive web design

We use responsive web design as standard, across all our projects. This ensures that our websites translate perfectly across all screen sizes – desktop, tablet and mobile.

The simple, stylish design of the Zander Search website actually required relatively complex code to deliver a responsive web design.

Clever coding was required to retain the consistency of the angular shapes across different screen sizes. Design elements such as job title labels in hero images needed complex code to ensure the labels re-position accurately when image sizes change to suit different devices.

WordPress training

For this client, a future-proof website was key and they needed to manage ongoing content development independently.

Using WordPress, we created an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) to deliver the best of both worlds: bespoke design supported by an easy-to-use CMS.

This enabled the Zander team to take full control of their website – from adding new content and imagery, through to managing the job titles used in the hero images.

Supported by our initial WordPress training, Zander Search have confidently taken the site forward and it continues to deliver value as their business goes from strength-to-strength.

What our client said

Union 10 have been nothing but helpful, they created a great website, which not only looks fantastic, but is easy to use and amend, they provided training, have always been quick to respond, are innovative and creative, and get the job done. An all-round great experience

Kate Turner, Zander Search


Like many of our clients, Zander returned to us for advice and support on implementing the Data Protection Act 2018. We were delighted to ensure their website was fully-compliant with GDPR.

This responsive website design is just one example of how we develop existing brands to create a strong digital presence. Take a look at our work with Red 10 for totally different take on the recruitment sector.