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The Relationship Place

Empowering people to forge happy, healthy relationships.



The Relationship Place (TRP) is a self-help hub, where people can find relationship advice and support through a series of online coaching videos and accompanying notes. Created by acclaimed TV relationship and dating expert, Anna Williamson, the content is delivered through a series of plans that are aimed to empower people with practical tools and techniques.

Union 10 were tasked with creating the branding and developing a website where people could purchase plans, access content easily, and become part of The Relationship Place online community.


Brand Identity

The Relationship Place is straight talking, easy and accessible to everyone. To reflect this, the branding is deliberately simple with a neutral colour palette and clean typography.

Together the fresh, modern graphics create a distinctive brand that is engaging and inspiring. Embracing positivity and sharing the love!



Breaking ground from traditional therapy, TRP’s aim is to make relationship advice available to everyone at an affordable price. Users can purchase plans and have access to content from the device of their choice any time, anywhere.

This business model requires a robust website with on-point UX.


Web Design

Built using WordPress CMS, but with a bespoke front end, the website echoes the branding with a clean design style with easy-to-use functionality. The site is not overtly sales driven. We managed a nice balance between conversions and information, where pages gently funnel users to an end “Purchase plan” call to action.


Web development

The CMS is customised using Advanced Custom Fields. These are flexible fields that allow the client to have more control over page layouts and design. They can create new pages, re-order content and add new pre-programmed sections. This gives the client freedom to manage the website themselves. We provided training to familiarise the client with the CMS.


TRP’s plans are purchased via their website, so we needed a payment gateway, and for this we used MemberPress.

MemberPress is a leading paywall and membership plugin for WordPress, which allows businesses to sell their digital products via their website securely.

This easy-to-setup plugin is well-established and used by thousands of businesses to monetise their content. It’s stable and has lots of features out of the box. Such as

  • Subciption Billing
  • Digital Downloads
  • Coupons
  • Powerful access rUles
  • Paywall and content dripping
  • Sell content as courses
  • Intergations with many well known third party systems.

It works seamlessly with Stripe and Paypal


This site has a lot of video content which presents challenges for download speed. To help increase download speed, the video files are hosted off-site using Vimeo. This also helps to manage video content with an array of features.

Vimeo provides an easy way to add video content to any website, allowing customised players and unlimited bandwidth. Content can also be protected, so it can only be viewed on selected domains and never downloaded. Vimeo also deals with all the file formats needed for different browsers and devices, so you don’t have to.


Security is a priority for all the websites we build. We employ a number of steps to ensure site security.

  • We use WordFence, which is comprehensive security solution designed for WordPress
  • We also recommend quality hosting with Nimbus hosting, as they provide fast, efficient and secure hosting. Their support is second to none.
  • We only use reliable plugin and ensure WordPress is kept up to date.

We usually include this as part of a monthly web design services, but on this occasion the client was able to undertake these takes himself with initial training.

Date Completed // June 2022

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