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Taymount Clinic

Creating a brand and website befitting a pioneering company



At Union 10 we make a point of researching our customers as extensively as possible before going ahead with any of our services. Whether we are designing a new website, re-branding, or putting together an effective SEO service, it is important that we understand the client, their ideals, long-term goals and customer base, as well as any challenges that they are currently facing.

With Taymount, we were tasked with building a brand-new website for the clinic.



What was clear to us immediately, was that Taymount Clinic are pioneers in the field of digestive health. It was the first clinic to offer specialised Gut Flora Transplant (FMT) in the entire world back in 2011. The problem with the old website, was that this level of seriousness and authority was not portrayed.

Taymount Clinic has been a leading light in the field of digestive health since it was established in 2003, and since opening the FMT Programme in 2011, over 3,000 patients have competed programmes. Partner Clinics worldwide are helping to improve the process for patients elsewhere.

The old website used stock images, many of which were light-hearted in nature and portrayed a clinic that was not comfortable in its own skin and maybe a little bit unsure and embarrassed about how to portray the service they offer. As leaders in the field, we could see that it was time for a change, highlighting the key work that the clinic offers its patients and an insight into the entire process. The idea would be to reposition Taymount as the leaders of FMT that they are – showing potential patients that they can contact the clinic with confidence.



Of course, with a delicate subject matter such as FMT, it is a challenge to think about where the branding should go. As a starting point, Taymount had a logo, but there was no other form of branding beyond that. Our branding team took the logo and developed it further, creating a whole suite of graphics that would become the foundation of the branding moving forward.

Due to the delicate and unglamorous nature of the work performed at the clinic, we knew that the choice of imagery that would be used for branding purposes had to be carefully considered. We developed a harmonious pattern that would allow Taymount a unique design that could be used as part of its unique branding. The pattern doesn’t mean anything in any literal sense, but it was designed to portray a softness and a sense of harmony. This was important, as potential patients must feel calm and confident in the clinic. The colour palette was expanded to add lilacs and greens to the blue and green already in place, and we also added a suite of icons with a unique style of their own.

The photography attached to the site was probably the most vital component of our project. We knew that the clinic should move away from the light-hearted stock images and that they had previously used. Instead, the photography should portray and honest account of what the clinic offers and what patients can expect. Instead of stock images of pugs on toilets, and random people climbing mountains, we commissioned photography that displayed the journey a patient would go on, including what the clinic, staff, and whole experience was like.



As you can see from the website we created, the logo, the colours, the photography and all of the information flows together very nicely. It is a website that exudes calm and confidence – a confidence in the faecal transplant treatment that takes place there, and a calmness in how it provides comfort, professionalism and expertise to every single patient. It is easy to navigate, to contact the Taymount Clinic and eagerly portrays everything that a potential patient needs to know, rather than shying away from the facts and being a bit embarrassed about the clinic and FMT.

Date Completed // March 2020

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