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Tek Freight

Website and brand development for pharma logistics



Tek Freight are specialists in pharma and bioscience logistics. They approached Union 10 having seen another pharmaceutical web design produced by us for Emas Pharma. We were briefed initially to develop their brand with a new website with marketing collateral to follow.


Brand Development

Pharma logistics is a highly regulated sector, so it was essential for the brand development to maintain the highest sense of trust and professionalism. Tek Freight’s core value is their ability to deliver on time whist ensuring their cargo is kept at a specific temperature, so we made their strapline ‘Trusted to deliver on time and in temperature’ central to their brand.

Tek Freight’s logo has a simplicity and uniqueness that works well. The arrow graphic in the ‘k’ alludes to motion, which we liked. Our design process took this graphic and developed it; using its angles to section off areas of the site creating a repeatable pattern. This pattern gave us a sound framework to weave through the website, and gives the site a striking, bold and individual look.


Pharmaceutical Web Design

Often pharmaceutical web design can look rigid and uninspiring. We wanted to give Tek Freight a brand personality that transposed seamlessly from a business card, to van livery and on to the website.

The hero image on the website uses the angular pattern and the arrow graphic serves as a directional tool, leading users through the pages. We gave icons and buttons rounded edges mimicking the Tek logo font. We even used dots to create the logistic map.



As with many of the sites we produce, we used our copywriting services to bring the text to life, taking time with the client to understand their business and drill down into the core information we needed to cover and how best to a arrange it.

Rather than expecting users to wade through arduous lengths of text, we sectioned it into more digestible pieces. We also used Key Facts on each page to highlight unique statistics: ‘+30 million miles covered’, ‘200+ hours dedicated to driver training’ — all interesting and relevant information that can be easily scanned by a user.


Support and maintenance

As the site is built in WordPress, it is easy for the client to make edits and additions. We provided them with full training so they were up to speed with the content management system.

Date Completed // May 2019

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