Reasons to Choose a Bespoke Website Design

There are so many business websites on the Internet it can be difficult to stand out at times. For some business brand damage can come from a poor website or a template website as much as having no website to speak of at all. Your company website is the first place that many people go to when they first hear about your service. It is the place where potential customers look for more information about specific products and services, it could be where your customers place orders or make a complaint. The right type of website could make a massive difference to your chances of success as a company overall.

What better way to go about creating the perfect website for your business than to utilise the experience the Union 10 team has in creating bespoke websites that are both functional and highly creative and artistic. It is the best of both worlds, helping your brand to stand out from the crowd in a busy marketplace, whilst also ensuring a smooth customer journey that maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and helps you to reach your targets whether that is to increase website users, increase specific interactions with customers online, or to boost sales figures through your company website.

There are several benefits to choosing a bespoke website design over a template website. Here, we look at these different benefits and how the Union 10 team will help bring your brand to life with a unique website that matches the story of your company.

An Efficient and Robust Process

The first benefit of choosing a bespoke website design is that you can rely on a robust process that we have developed over the years here at Union 10. We understand the different processes that are required to ensure a smooth overall design process. What this looks like in practice is a deliberate, accurate process of conversation and flow of ideas at the very beginning of a project. Our team will begin to understand more about your company, where you see your brand in 5 years, what types of new customers you want to entice with a new website, the story you want to tell, etc.

From there we have very specific project signposts where we will check in with our clients along the way, ensuring there is a solid relationship between us that manifests itself in a creative, ultra-functional website that fits perfectly with your company story and speaks to your customers in a way that makes a real difference to your company strategies and long-term targets.

Tailored Approach to Suit Your Business Needs

A tailored approach meets the specific needs and requirements of your business, rather than attempting to shoehorn your business into a ready-made template website. By taking a tailored approach to designing your website our team will look at exactly what it is that your business needs. The website design will be based around your company goals, and we’ll then look to design a completely unique website and customer journey that fits well within your brand aesthetic.

Speak to Your Customers

There is no point having a website if it doesn’t speak to your customers in the way that is most effective for them. Your perfect customer will have in mind the type of website that they wish to use, in how it looks, feels, functions, how it directs them to where they need to be on the site. This is where your market research and our in-depth knowledge of designing bespoke websites becomes a perfect marriage. It should be easy to use for the customer, but also easy for you to manage and to see how your website is performing and which areas might need to be developed over time.

Test and Develop

This is a crucial area of a bespoke website development that gives it the edge over choosing a template website design. We’ll ensure that all aspects of content, SEO (for both on site and off site) is fully researched and target-driven for optimal results and we’ll then keep an eye on the website performance to make sure it is all in working order. Over time your bespoke website should always be tested to see how it is performing, see which areas can be tweaked and developed further, what type of content you should be writing and other aspects that we will advise on based on the type of business and the specific targets intended for the website. Scalability is key here, with the functionality to ensure proper scaling of a website to meet new targets over time and to deal with greater numbers of users and customer interactions.

At Union 10 we fully appreciate that every single client has a unique story to tell. By designing bespoke websites for our clients, we are helping them promote their brand in the most honest and effective way possible. Bespoke website design is about finding that grain of truth that every business has and creating a customer journey that is smooth, exciting and effective. Template website designs do have some merits, but you cannot beat a bespoke website design to truly sing the praises of your business and to help you create a brand that resonates with your target market.

If you would like to find out more about the Union 10 way and how our team can design bespoke websites that really capture the ideals of your brand and help you reach targets, contact our team today on 01462 416 168 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, all you have to do is visit our Contact Us page, fill out a few simple details and we’ll return to you when it suits you best. We are a full-service design agency, blending functionality and creativity to assist our clients to develop a true company voice and to develop clear and key brand guidelines for the future success of a business.

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