# A technically challenging bespoke website design for a forward-focused London agency

R10 Management Consultancy

Taking web development to a higher level for an inspiring audience.



R10 are a vibrant agency who transform businesses in the insurance market, by embracing change through business and technology transformation.

They wanted to refresh their site with a truly bespoke website design that embraced the latest technologies in web development.

Union 10 took up the challenge and developed this exciting website that uses GreenSock, which is a powerful JavaScript animation library, for a captivating UX.


Developing the brand

Our collaboration started over 5 years ago, with the r10 brand design. We produced a bold and simple logo that would have longevity and potential to grow and evolve over time.

This meant we had great scope to develop the brand and infuse it into every aspect of the website, taking the design direction into exciting territory.


Web design

The client wanted their new site to be fresh and vibrant with space to breath and flow. They also wanted cool effects to engage and excite their audience.

This is where unique and bespoke website design completely over-shadows off the shelf website packages. With full control over every detail of the design, we were able to create beautiful layouts and play with the r10 branding with delightful effect.

Combining bold circular shapes with clean, sharp edges, the design is punchy and fun. Bold typography clearly lays out the core messages with dramatic effect and guides the user on their journey through the site.

Cool hover effects, parallax shapes, animations and video provide plenty of movement to engage and inspire.

What our client said

I couldn't be prouder for the r10 Consulting rebrand! A lot of hard work went into successfully launching our new website, which focuses on best communicating r10's services and demonstrating our people-centric culture. Thank you to the r10 team that supported the vision and Union 10 Design for making it a reality.

Georgina Christou // r10 Consulting


Web development

Too often, developers can let their love of animations and JavaScript overwhelm a site, producing a UX that is confusing and detracts from the core messages of the site.

Without careful coding skills, complex animations and effects can clog up a site causing slow download speeds that damaging SEO rankings and UX.

This site uses GreenSock to add nice subtle enhancements to the bespoke website design, without getting in the way of usability. Wherever possible, graphics (such as the circular shapes) are produced using code rather than uploaded images. So, the site is a lean as possible and super-fast.

As always, the site was optimised for mobile and we also paid special attention to Google’s Core Web Vitals that now play such a large part in the ranking of websites. We needed to use up-to-date JavaScript libraries, serve the fonts directly from the website and optimise images to use the latest WebP Formats.


Putting the client in control

Customised WordPress CMS ensures the client has full control over the site and can update and add content easily. Our WordPress training covers all aspects of site management. We also built the site using flexible templates, which allows the client to build pages and re-arrange sections themselves. We find our clients really enjoy the time and cost benefits this functionality provides.

Date Completed // July 2021

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