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Proceed Group

Data is beautiful: Transforming the digital brand of a world-leading tech company



As world-leaders in SAP data management, Proceed Group use best practice, tools and solutions to help businesses manage data effectively.

Proceed offers a very tech-savvy service to its customers. They required a website that placed them at the forefront of digital innovation, as well as engaging users in their extensive product range.

What our client said

Union10 have given us a fantastic service from creation of our website to keeping it up to date and maintaining it. Would highly recommend their services, which are professional and accurate whilst retaining the personal feel, which is essential in this industry. Award them 10/10 every time.

Michele White // Proceed Group


web design

We evolved Proceed’s brand to create a tech website that delivers a fresh digital presence. Our design captures and communicates their position as global leaders in their field.

Our brief was to create a contemporary website with a cutting-edge feel. Our bespoke, responsive design delivers a full-screen, intuitive user experience that emulates using an app.

Clean lines, subtly enhanced by hover effects and animations introduce movement and create user interest. Full-screen video and bold hero images in the brand palette create a consistent, dynamic look.


Web development

As always, our creative approach was balanced with careful consideration of the technical implications. We undertook development research to deliver a smooth, engaging user experience.

For example, we use full-screen video on the home page to achieve a strong visual impact without slowing down site performance.

We also coded features such as animated statistics, automatic news and event feeds to enhance the dynamic feel of the site.

A customised events management system allows Proceed to add event information easily. Old events are automatically removed, saving administration time. Plus, for users, it’s super-easy to register for events. The wider WordPress content management system (CMS) was also built to match the client’s long-term needs.

Naturally, the site is built for speed and performance – using HTML and CSS instead of images to deliver a rapid, seamless user experience.


User experience

This tech website project involved a vast range of products and complex information for users. We implemented a content strategy and intuitive navigation to create a positive user experience.

A side navigation bar makes it easy for users to explore multiple content levels. It also provides ample scope for Proceed Group to add more content in the future. A series of FAQs, as well as a powerful search tool also aid overall user navigation.

Our copywriting service revised all the content to communicate product information in a concise, accessible way – creating a consistent style and tone across the site.

SEO was integral to the new content and a key word strategy was implemented to improve historically poor Google rankings. Our key challenge here was optimising a large number of pages, in such a niche field, as part of producing engaging, relevant content.


Brochure design

Proceed Group were keen to extend their new digital brand to their on-line marketing collateral. We created a suite of brochures which further develop the online product information.


Support and maintenance

We take great pride in supporting long-term client needs. For Proceed Group, we deliver ongoing support and maintenance including managing content, WordPress training and regular technical maintenance.

Date Completed // December 2015

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