Restaurant Logo Design

The importance of design

Choosing your restaurant logo is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business. Your logo and, more widely, your branding will shape you how potential customers will perceive you.

Your logo design should reflect your style of cuisine, location and customer base.

Whether rustic, modern, playful or classically stylish, it should be clearly defined and memorable.

Your branding is the visual identity that your customers will connect with and recall when they find you online, in an advert or pass your sign in the street. So, it’s important your logo has stand-out and is instantly recognizable.

So, what makes a good restaurant logo?

When considering any logo design, you should think of the wider picture of your branding design as a whole.

But first, let’s clear something up. A logo is a symbol or word(s) that acts as an identifier for your business. Branding is a collection of elements (including your logo) that collectively build an image of a business for its consumers. For example: fonts, colour palette, strap lines, tone of voice, style of imagery, graphic design style across all media.

Business Values

The design of your branding should also reflect your core business values

What are your mission and values?

Are you passionate about a certain region’s cookery style? Are you ethically motivated on animal welfare? Are you big on supporting local producers? Who are your influencers?

What’s your brand personality?

Are you fun and playful? Are you chic and sophisticated? Urban? Unfussy and down-to-earth?

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Your food is authentic? You source locally?

Once you have a clear understand of who you are, you will be much better placed to brief a designer to create a logo and branding design that is truly unique to you.

Examples of restaurant logos

A well-designed logo should be adaptable to use across multi-platforms. It should be legible at any size, whether a small monogram on a delivery app, a vinyl wrap on a van or an embroidered motif on an apron. It should work in black and white and colour, in RGB for web and CMYK for print. It should stand the test of time rather than merely follow the latest design fad.


The following examples of our work demonstrate restaurant logo designs across a range of formats. We hope you like them. If you would like help with your logo and branding, please get in touch.

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