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Erik Gorter Classics

Rebranding a restoration classic



Classic car restoration specialist Erik Gorter wanted to reconnect to his Dutch heritage with his business rebrand. The company restores vintage Mercedes Benz cars — a truly prestigious brand that we needed our new branding to align to.

The company had an outdated website which had no real brand presence. Union 10 were tasked with creating a logo as the first step in the company’s rebranding and marketing strategy.

When rebranding a business, we always research the company’s history and their business market, to ensure our final logo designs are unique to the company and relevant to its sector.

Our brief was clear and concise: the client wanted their new logo to reflect their roots, with the Dutch lion and traditional orange colour. It also needed to have a premium quality — heraldic, yet modern.


Logo design

Our challenge was to create a design that used a lion image in a way that was unique and relevant to Erik Gorter Classics. We started by looking at how we could pin the relevance to their initials — and the letter ‘G’ was an obvious choice.

We developed sketches and iterations, to find the best combination of the ‘G’ letterform and a stylized lion’s head. The design needed to convey strength and prestige, look simple yet powerful.

The illustrative style we drew was deliberately simple and clean with sharp lines and no fuss. We ensured the illustration was clearly legible both large and small, in full colour and black and white.


Business Brand guidelines

Once the rebrand was complete, we produced a set of brand guidelines, documenting brand colours, fonts and usage instructions.  We do this for each client who commissions our branding services. This is so they have full instructions of how to use their logo and branding elements in on-going. We also supply a comprehensive set of source files with jpg, png and vector formats which they can keep and use for their future marketing.

If you are looking to rebrand your business, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

Date Completed // 15th April 2020

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